Sale of Surplus Materials and scrap from IECCL Projects

Catalogues / Request for Proposals(RFP) and Corresponding Annexures are placed in the respective State folder given below. Please click on the State to view the respective RFPs.

Andhra Pradesh Bihar Gujarat
Haryana Jharkhand Karnataka
Kerala Maharashtra Tamilnadu
Telangana West Bengal

Please contact Project Staff for inspecting materials. Please click on the following link for contact details.

Project Staff Contact Details

Important Dates and Email Ids for submission of e-bids

Bid Type: : Electronic Bid
Email Your bid details as follows:
KYC Documents and Financial Bids :
Passwords of the above documents :

Cut_off Dates:
For Inspection of Materials : 31 May 2024
For Payment of EMD: 01 June 2024
For submission of Financial Bid : 03 June 2024 6:00PM