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IL&FS Engineering Services does not appoint agents or send emails/links on Social Media like FB or Whatsapp to make job offers on behalf of the Company. Please report such instances to



If you want to be empowered and have the freedom to grow as a leader who creates enduring value for the stakeholders, IL&FS Engineering and Construction is the place for you.

At IL&FS Engineering and Construction, we believe in self-motivation and demonstrated commitment rather than control and enforcement. we prefer ideation to instruction, and innovation to imitation. Continuous learning is an integral part of our work life and we put team effort on the highest pedestal.

We are currently on a mission to create an entrepreneurial culture where every employee believes, behaves and acts as a leader. The associates are driven by a passion to make things happen. IL&FS Engineering and Construction is a metrics-oriented organisation that constantly benchmarks itself against the best. At IL&FS, one is never content with the status quo and always pushes the envelope to realize the best of the potential of employees.

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